Archives for 2013

Archives for 2013

Blue Fifth Review (the first series): 2001-2010

the blue collection:
1: the body (Spring 2010 / 10.4) – Featuring Melissa Buckheit, C. E. Chaffin, Cheryl Dodds, Robert Klein Engler, Rupert Fike, Paul Hostovsky, Rich Ives, Marilyn Kallet, Jeff Mann, Leslie Marcus, Clare L. Martin, Marge Piercy, Divya Rajan, Amy Small-McKinney, Susan Terris, and Gerhardt Thompson

2: music (Summer 2012 / 12.19) – Featuring Christopher Allen, Walter Bjorkman, Melissa Buckheit, Kathryn Stripling Byer, James Claffey, Sheldon Lee Compton, Cricket, Doris Davenport, Cheryl Dodds, Alexandra Isacson, Alan S. Kleiman, Pamela Johnson Parker, Amy Small-McKinney, Joan Stepp Smith, Marcus Speh, Jo Ann Tomaselli, and Kulpreet Yadav

3: collaboration (Fall 2012 / 12.26) – Featuring Christopher Allen, Jenny Baker, Ann Bogle, Sheldon Lee Compton, Cheryl Dodds, Rupert Fike, Jane Hammons, Lynne Knight, Dorothee Lang, Sara Lippmann, Leslie Marcus, Felicia Mitchell, Rebecca Seiferle, Christopher Woods, and Bill Yarrow

4: collaboration (Winter 2013 / 13.24) – Featuring Eleanor Bennett, Francis Denis, Kathy Fish, Robin Grotke, Ira Joel Haber, Bernard Heise, Matthew Hittinger, Marilyn Kallet, Kari Nguyen, Scott Owens, Pamela Parker Johnson, Alex Pruteanu, Linda Simoni-Wastila, and Joan Stepp Smith
Blue Five Notebook Series:





Regular Issues:

January 2013 / 13.1 – Featuring Ira Joel Haber, Tim Jones, Lynne Knight, Rich Murphy, Gary Sloboda, and Laurie Stone

February 2013 / 13.3 – Featuring Blaise Allen, Gloria Garfunkel, Fani Papageorgiou, Eileen Russell, Beate Sigriddaughter, and Bill Yarrow

April 2013 / 13.7 – Featuring Gay Degani, Sheila Murphy, Daniel Romo, Elias Simpson, Laurie Stone, and Christopher Woods

May 2013 / 13.9– Featuring new work by Eleanor Leonne Bennett, Lisa J. Cihlar, John Lee Clark, Judy Huddleston, Ken Poyner, and J P Reese

July 2013 / 13.13 – Featuring new work by Mark Blickley, Kim Farleigh, Tracy Koretsky, Leslie Marcus, R. Jay Slais, and Susan Tepper

August 2013 / 13.15 – Featuring Dominika Bednarska, James Lloyd Davis, David Feela, Mia, Jo Ann Tomaselli, and Ralph Uttaro

October 2013 / 13.19 – Featuring Tantra Bensko, Howie Good, Ann Lederer, Leslie Marcus, Karla Linn Merrifield, and Gary Powell

November 2013 / 13.21 – Featuring John C. Goodman, Leigh Herrick, Dennis Mahagin, Anderson O’Brien, Nancy Stohlman, and Jo Ann Tomaselli

Special Issues:

Poetry Special (March 2013 / 13.5) – Featuring Rose Auslander, Amy Billone, Andrew Cox, Cheryl Dodds, Janet Jennings, and Richard Krawiec

Flash Special (March 2013 / 13.6) – Featuring Mark Blickley, Ramon Collins, Robin Grotke, Uzodinma Okehi, Beate Sigriddaughter, and Kerry Trautman

Flash Special (June 2013 / 13.11) – Featuring Blaise Allen, Tina Cartwright, Frances Mountier, Janet Pates, Martin Porter, and Leanne Radojkovich

Poet Special (June 2013 / 13.12) – Featuring Bill Yarrow

Flash (Mob) Special (September 2013 / 13.17) – Featuring Kyle Hemmings, Nazifa Islam, W.F. Lantry, Martin Porter, Sarah Ni Shuilleabhain, and Tracy Upchurch

Poetry Special (September 2013 / 13.18) – Featuring Pris Campbell, Jessie Carty, Holly Day, Michael C. Rush, John Sibley Williams, Earnest Williamson, and Robert E. Wood

Poetry Special (December 2013 / 13.23) – Featuring Grace Andreacchi, Robin Grotke, Gary Hardaway, Matthew Hittinger, Robert Lietz, Sheila Murphy, and Bill Yarrow

Themed Quarterlies:

Winter Quarterly: City (February 2013 / 13.4) – Featuring Matthew Hittinger, Claire Ibarra, Kathleen Kirk, Kate Mahony, Rachel Stevenson, and Susan Terris

Spring Quarterly: Mountain (May 2013 / 13.10) – Featuring Lorraine Caputo, James Claffey, Steve Gowin, Marilyn Kallet, Russell Thorburn, and Ernest Williamson III

Summer Quarterly: Island (August 2013 / 13.16) – Featuring William Doreski, Robin Grotke, Shayla Hawkins, Nora Nadjarian, Piet Nieuwland, and Marc Vincenz

Fall Quarterly: Sky (November 2013 / 13.22) – Featuring L.S. Bassen, Nathan Graziano, Alicia Marie Lawrence, Nina Lindsay, Connie Post, and Christopher Woods


Broadside #29 (Winter 2013 / 13.2) – Featuring Mark J. Mitchell

Broadside #30 (Spring 2013 / 13.8) – Featuring Linda Simoni-Wastila

Broadside #31 (Summer 2013 / 13.14) – Featuring Karen Douglass

Broadside #32 (Fall 2013 / 13.20) – Featuring Andrew Stancek

About bluefifthreview

Blue Fifth Review, edited by Sam Rasnake, Michelle Elvy, and Bill Yarrow, is an online journal of poetry, flash, and art.
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