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Blue Fifth Review (the first series): 2001-2010
the blue collection:

1: the body (Spring 2010 / 10.4)

2: music (Summer 2012 / 12.19) – Featuring Christopher Allen, Walter Bjorkman, Melissa Buckheit, Kathryn Stripling Byer, James Claffey, Sheldon Lee Compton, Cricket, Doris Davenport, Cheryl Dodds, Alexandra Isacson, Alan S. Kleiman, Pamela Johnson Parker, Amy Small-McKinney, Joan Stepp Smith, Marcus Speh, Jo Ann Tomaselli, and Kulpreet Yadav

3: collaboration (Fall 2012 / 12.26) – Featuring Christopher Allen, Jenny Baker, Ann Bogle, Sheldon Lee Compton, Cheryl Dodds, Rupert Fike, Jane Hammons, Lynne Knight, Dorothee Lang, Sara Lippmann, Leslie Marcus, Felicia Mitchell, Rebecca Seiferle, Christopher Woods, and Bill Yarrow

4: collaboration (Winter 2013 / 13.24) – Featuring Eleanor Bennett, Francis Denis, Kathy Fish, Robin Grotke, Ira Joel Haber, Bernard Heise, Matthew Hittinger, Marilyn Kallet, Kari Nguyen, Scott Owens, Pamela Parker Johnson, Alex Pruteanu, Linda Simoni-Wastila, and Joan Stepp Smith

5: collaboration (Winter 2014 / 14.24) – Featuring James Lloyd Davis, Heather Dobbins, Cheryl Dodds, Rachel J Fenton, Nathan Graziano, Claire Ibarra, Nazifa Islam, Jen Knox, Clare L. Martin, James Owens, Joani Reese, Jo Ann Tomaselli, Ernest Williamson III, Cherise Wolas, and Robert E. Wood

6: collaboration (Winter 2015 / 15.25) – Featuring Mia Avramut, Tina Barry, Claire Beynon, Kelly Cherry, Susanna Crossman, Steven Golden, Dianna Henning, Dorothee Lang, James Owens, and Frederick Pollack


Blue Five Notebook Series:








Regular Issues:

January 2015 / 15.1 – Featuring Cezarija Abartis, Robert Bharda (Ward), Rich Ives, Ted Lardner, Vilaska Nguyen, and Jeanine Stevens

February 2015 / 15.3 – Featuring Karen Douglass, Kevaughn Hunter, Ann Lederer, Leslie Marcus, Helen Moat, and Martin Willitts

April 2015 / 15.7 – Featuring Jake Ford, Mitchell Grabois, Ivan Jenson, Angela La Voie, Thomas Piekarski, and Vicki L. Wilson

May 2015 / 15.9 – Featuring Karen Paul Holmes, Tiffany McDaniel, Mark Reep, Anthony Tao, Susan Tepper, and Kelley Jean White

July 2015 / 15.13 – Featuring Robert Bharda (Ward), J. Dee Cochran, Richard Krawiec, Hannah Lincoln, Vilaska Nguyen, and Christopher Woods

August 2015 / 15.16 – Featuring John Grey, Leslie Marcus, Eileen Merriman, Piet Nieuwland, Marlene Olin, and Susan O’Dell Underwood

October 2015 / 15.20 – Featuring James Claffey, Colin Dodds, Robin Grotke, Susanna Lang, Stacy Post, and Fortunato Salazar

November 2015 / 15.22 – Featuring Catherine Pritchard Childress, Ruth Foley, Edison Jennings, Patrick Pink, Meg Sefton, and Christopher Woods

Special Issues:

Poetry Special (March 2015 / 15.5) – Featuring Claire Beynon, Hedy Habra, Kathleen Kirk, Karren LaLonde Alenier , George Moore, Pamela Johnson Parker, and Bill Yarrow

Flash Special – Lost and Found (March 2015 / 15.6) – Featuring Christopher Allen, Paul Beckman, Nuala Ní Chonchúir, Barbara Else, Vaughan Gunson, Mary Carroll-Hackett, Kevaughn Hunter, Sarah Laing, Janus Ourma, Nava Renek, Katherine Robb, Lillian Ann Slugocki, Bud Smith, Tony Tallent, Jo Ann Tomaselli, and Charmaine Valere

Poet Special (June 2015 / 15.11) – Featuring Mark Magoon

Flash Special – Creative Nonfiction (June 2015 / 15.12) – Featuring Ann Bogle, Tim Elhajj, Siobhan Harvey, S. J. Mannion, Dinty W. Moore, Trish Nicholson, Ethel Rohan, Fortunato Salazar, Kineret YaHrdena, and Natasha Zeta

Flash Special (September 2015 / 15.18) — Works by Sheldon Lee Compton, with artwork by Robert Bharda

Poetry Special (September 2015 / 15.19) – Featuring Terri Anastasi, Miranda Barnes, Kelly Cherry, Francis Denis, A. J. Huffman, Dennis Mahagin, and David L. Paxton

Poetry Special (December 2015 / 15.24) – Featuring Jennifer Finstrom, Richard Kostelanetz, Catherine Moore, Garth Pavell, Erin Elizabeth Smith, Carole Stone, and Bill Yarrow

Themed Quarterlies:

Winter Quarterly – Fire (February 2015 / 15.4) – Featuring Marilyn Kallet, Richard Krawiec, Kate Mahony, Mark J. Mitchell, Marcus Speh, and Sheri L. Wright

Spring Quarterly – Salt (May 2015 / 15.10) – Featuring Paul Beckman, Kelly Cherry, Ken Elkes, Marilyn Kallet, Ben McClendon, and Jan Steckel

Summer Quarterly – Sand (August 2015 / 15.17) – Featuring Kim Farleigh, Bernard Heise, Grant Hier, Laurie Kolp, Felicia Mitchell, R. Jay Slais, and Bud Smith

Fall Quarterly – Water (November 2015 / 15.23) – Featuring Renee Chen, Matt Flickinger, Marilyn Kallet, Alan S. Kleiman, Susan Terris, and Jo Ann Tomaselli


Broadside #37 (Winter 2015 / 15.2) – Featuring George Moore

Broadside #38 (Spring 2015 / 15.8) – Featuring Ron Riekki. With art by Francis Denis.

Broadside #39 (Summer 2015 / 15.14) – Featuring Keri Withington.

Broadside #40 (Summer 2015 / 15.15) – Featuring Matthew Stark.

Broadside #41 (Fall 2015 / 15.21) – Featuring Eileen Merriman.

Blue Fifth Reviews:

Reviews #1 (June 2015) – Featuring works by Rob Cook, Alexandra van de Kamp, and Tim Suermondt

Reviews #2 (July 2015) – Featuring works by Kathy Fish, Barbara Jane Reyes, and Evie Shockley

Reviews #3 (September 2015) – Featuring works by Jan Bottiglieri, Larry O. Dean, and Philip Nikolayev

Reviews #4 (November 2015) – Featuring a Tribute to Walter Bjorkman

Reviews #5 (December 2015) – Featuring works by Tony Barnstone, Paul Breslin, and Shadab Zeest Hashmi


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Blue Fifth Review, edited by Sam Rasnake, Michelle Elvy, and Bill Yarrow, is an online journal of poetry, flash, and art.
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