Blue Fifth Reviews – (April 2017 / #9)

Blue Fifth Reviews – (April 2017 / #9)

Any conscientious critic who has ever had to review a new volume of poetry in a limited space knows that the only fair thing to do would be to give a series of quotations without comment but, if he did so, his editors would complain that he was not earning his money.
               –W. H. Auden, “Reading”

The editors will select collections of poetry, flash, and short fiction to present to our readers. We will be heeding Auden’s advice, listing, without comment, key passages that we consider representative of the featured works. Our hope is that readers will also be moved, and will seek out the books.


April 2017

Bill Yarrow, ed.

Habeas Corpus by Cindy Hochman
Glass Lyre Press Press, 2015
14 poems, 27 pages

1.    She didn’t know her asp from her elbow because she was too busy tendon her garden.

               (from “Womb”)

2.    It’s feeding time at the zoo, but there’s nothing left in the trough. And there’s no such thing as a boxed lunch.

               (from “Mouth”)

3.    One finger on the pulse and one on the trigger. Beware the full lunula.

               (from “Fingers”)


Benign Protection by Anne Elezabeth Pluto
Červená Barva Press, 2016
32 poems, 55 pages

1.    When I am dead
        be my carpenter

              (from “Funeral”)

2.                                          the
        long lure of love burns
        celestial in the dark
        to domesticate the night

              (from “Easter”)

3.    I have been to Samarqand
        that final time
        a journey by water
        the dream geography more full than life, the mosque, the church
        the covered women singing
        the Stations of the Cross
        the goblin boat to take me back
        by morning

              (from “I have been to Samarqand”)


A Curmudgeon Is Born by Heath Brougher
Yellow Chair Press, 2016
26 poems, 36 pages

1.    The day is made of slammed doors
                    everything is labeled and certain
                    and few things are more certain than a slammed door

              (from “Yours and Mine”)

2.    Violence began as fists fists
        turned into swords swords turned
        into guns guns turned into nuclear bombs

              (from “Evolution of the Fist”)

3.    the Truth is a kite stuck in tree branches
        not a thing perfectly afloat the air

              (from “A Slant on the Truth”)


Standards of Sadiddy by Jonathan Penton
Lit Fest Press, 2016
26 poems, 47 pages

1.    our eyes forget the sunset
        our hands forget the how of when we
        climbed those yielding rocks
        those pieces pointed skyward
        to see the tapestry of fermicide
                   a map of smallpox comforts
        dust embedded in our teeth

              (from “North”)

2.    my body claims i am filled with tiny answers
        my mouth tells you how i like to lie

              (from “craving purity when i speak of craving people”)

3.    i am swimming in a long-forgotten lover
        who resides in another person’s eyes
        i am seeing an empty-pastured future
        in the honey of the stretch marks on your side

              (from “Hepatoscopy”)


Graduating from Eternity by John Goode
Rain Mountain Press, 2013
21 poems, 58 pages

1.    She was made of dice and black mascara,
        and she roamed the streets in a cocktail napkin.

              (from “The Possessed”)

2.    I fell in love so hard words
        didn’t know what to do with me
        they spun like spiders off my chin

              (from “It Was Easy to Be a Body, I Simply Touched Your Hand”)

3.    The wind is full of forks and knives.
        The century is leaning.

        I ride.

        The grocery store calls out Wednesday with red, red eyes

              (from “Bicycle”)


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Blue Fifth Review, edited by Sam Rasnake, Michelle Elvy, and Bill Yarrow, is an online journal of poetry, flash, and art.
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  1. Jayne Martin says:

    What a fabulous collection. I love them all.

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