Founding Editor: Sam Rasnake

Rasnake’s works have appeared in The Southern Poetry Anthology, MiPOesias Companion 2012, Best of the Web 2009, LUMMOX 2012, BOXCAR Poetry Review Anthology 2, and Dogzplot Flash Fiction 2011. His most recent books are Cinéma Vérité (A-Minor Press) and Inside a Broken Clock (Finishing Line Press), and has served as a judge for the Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Prize, University of California, Berkeley.

Web page: sam of the ten thousand things


Editor: Michelle Elvy

Elvy’s poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and reviews have appeared in various print and online journals, including Poets & Artists, Thrush Poetry JournalMetazen, PANK, HTML GiantWords With JAMSix Sentences, Blackmail Press, TakahēA-Minor, IkaBluePrintReview, Word RiotThe Linnet’s Wings, Ramshackle Review,  MicrowROOM, Prime Number, Revolution John, and others. A Pushcart nominee, a three-time finalist in the Glass Woman Prize, and the 2012 recipient of the Auckland Museum Library research grant, Michelle also edits at Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction and earns her living as a manuscript assessor. She is an associate editor of the forthcoming Flash Fiction International (W.W. Norton, 2015).

Editing website: Michelle Elvy

Blogs: Glow Worm & Momo


Editor: Bill Yarrow bill_yarrow_753eb441-cae8-43c8-82c2-d0bb3424860f

Yarrow is the author of The Vig of Love, Blasphemer, and Pointed Sentences. He is a Professor of English at Joliet Junior College where he teaches creative writing, Shakespeare, and film.

Web page: Bill Yarrow



9 Responses to Editors

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  4. Bob King says:

    Dec. 3, 2015, got a lot of info and material from Blue Fifth Review. Although it sounds interesting, there were so many different posts I have to ask to be taken off your FB mailing list. Thanks!

    • Bob, I’m not sure how you’re receiving posts from Blue Fifth Review’s Facebook group. I’m not sure when you requested to join the group, and that’s the only way you would have been added. You aren’t listed as a member in the group there. If you were are a member and want to leave the group or any group for that matter, all you need to do is click on the Joined link, then click Leave the group. Hope this helps.

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  7. DL Shirey says:

    Hello. Your website has been added my list at https://dlshirey.com/flash-fiction-list/. There are over 280 publications, like yours, that feature writers’ shorter works, not longer pieces. Click on over to see if I’ve gotten your info correct.

    Please, if you think other writers will find this list valuable, I’d appreciate you spreading the word in a tweet or post. Oh, and If you know of other sites that I’ve missed, give me a shout. —DL Shirey

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